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Electric Guitar Amps

I have been through quite a few electric guitar tube amps and solid state guitar amps over the years. Below you will find some reviews by me of electric guitar amps, speakers/cabinets I either currently own, I have owned or I have played enough to justify writing up a review about them.

There are still some electric guitar amps I own that I haven't written about here yet. So stay tuned for more guitar amp writeups.

Some of the most famous electric guitar amps of all time are the Marshall valve amps. Hendrix, Townshend and a slew of other high profile players have used, and still use, Marshall electric guitar amps for classic rock tones, as well as for country and blues, etc. I have a 100 watt Marshall JVM410H, which is a fantastic sounding valve head, and I am very glad I have it!

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