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Legend Rock n Roll 50 Review

Legend Rock'n Roll 50

The Legend Rock'n Roll 50 is a 1x12 combo with a tube preamp section, but with a solid state power amp section. It is a very loud, cool looking amp, and I regret getting rid of it. It has such cool vibe!

The clean sound in this amp is good. Not quite like a Fender Twin or Deluxe, but for a solid state hybrid amp, not bad. The distortion sound from it is a little muddy and unclear. I preferred to use pedals with this amp, but maybe with a good set of tubes its overdriven tones can be improved. I never changed the tubes in my Legend amp, don't ask me why I didn't - I know I should have! I bet it would have sounded much better.

If you get one of these Legend amps, I suggest you also swap out the speaker if it's still the stock speaker. This would improve the tone a lot, as I don't believe the stock speaker is much to write home about.

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