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SX GA-1065 - 10 watts small practice guitar amp


This tiny litle guitar amp came with my SX Strat pack I got from Rondo music. It is super simple to use. It has a powerful overdrive feature, with quite a bit of gain. When I first plugged into this little toy box, I was blown away at the tone! I admit, the speaker is so small that it has a very boxy sound, but the tone is there! With a strat on the clean setting, it chimed and sparkled pretty darn good for a 30 dollar amp. If I could hook it up to my speaker cabinet, I bet it would sound big and rich. For a practice amp, it works just great as it is.

You can get one too at Rondo Music!

I would absolutely recommend this amp to someone wanting a small amp to practice - in the bedroom, hotel room, etc. It has a very good basic tone, and can get fairly loud too, if you want that.

If you need lots of different sounds, look elsewhere. This one does a couple of sounds only, but they do sound good.

For a battery-operated or AC-powered practice guitar amp with many great tones, look into this Vox, see below:

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