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Amalias Halloween Song
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October 31, 2014

Amalias Halloween Song

I wrote this little melody last year, and I almost forgot about it. I figured it would be fun little piece to finish about this time of year!

It's actually a really fun chord progression to improvise over. There is a key change, so we can view it as an A Section and a B section.



The chord progression is

A Section:
Em | C7 | Em | Gm(maj7)
Em | C7 | Em | Gm(maj7)

B Section:
Am | F7 | Am | Cm(maj7)
Am | F7 | Am | B Altered

A Section:
Em | C7 | Em | Gm(maj7)
Em | C7 | Em | Gm(maj7)

Scales you can use

For the A Section, try E minor natural scale over Em, and then G Melodic Minor for the C7.

Use the same approach for the B Section: a minor natural scale over Am, and then C Melodic Minor for the F7. For the B Altered chord - use B Altered (same as C Melodic Minor).

Tab, Guitar Pro and Backing Track

A fun little piece, that I enjoyed putting together for you! Let me know what you think.

PS. It sounds a bit like Inspector Gadget, but that is completely coincidental! I had a theme song from the movie Dead Silence in mind when I wrote this...

By Robert Renman -

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Posted by Robert Renman on October 31, 2014

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shane said...

cool song sounds a bit like adams family

Comment added on November 02, 2014

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