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Best fuzz pedal?
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December 26, 2007

What's the best fuzz pedal?

There are many good pedals out there, and many of them are sweet fuzzy fuzz pedals. Which is the best one? Well, let's name a few! I'll include links to the manufacturer page, if I find one.

The fuzz pedal I use the most nowadays is the CC Hybrid Fuzz. It has both silicon and germanium transistors, and it sounds great. I can get a really nice Hendrix style tone from it, and it cleans up nicely.

I love the sound of a good fuzz. I had been using the Das Fuzz GE, and I use it with a distortion pedal or with the Bad Monkey. It gets noisy, but the tone is very sweet. I am also very interested in getting a Fuzz Factory, just because it sounds so crazy! It's like the ultimate fuzz pedal, since it can produce so many different sounds. It can be made to sound more "normal" too.

By the way, also have a look at the best overdrive pedal write up.

There's so many more out there, I know! Post your fuzz pedal comments if you think I missed any top notch fuzz pedals!

Here are some ideas for pedals you can get from Amazon.

By Robert Renman -

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Posted by Robert Renman on December 26, 2007

Comments on this blog entry

energeticdad said...

How to start a blog. Kindly suggest books on the subject?

Comment added on May 18, 2014
lespaulman said...

It all depends on your style,
I play mostly rock /Blues in a pub covers band.I played around with lots of different ones utill i got the perfect one to match my Les Paul and Matchless , I normally run them as a boost from a mild drive from my tubescreamer / Klon. The best ones I found suited me best where the DAM Pedals ,great boutique tone ,I also use a MW Fuzzytone for Home Recording amazing tone and great build quality, there really quite rare to find, but a lot of big players swear by them. also analogman builds great pedals..... if its good enough for Dave Gilmour..........

Comment added on April 13, 2012
Cam said...

I use a Swollen Pickle on a Hagstrom Super Swede played through a Maz 128 Dr. Z Amp. It's a very thick and warm fuzz and the Pickle is very tweakable with the crunch, scoop, sustain and filter knobs. Sometimes I blend in with a Wampler Ecstacy overdrive pedal with a low drive on the Smooth setting. Fireplace warm.

Comment added on September 12, 2011
Mikey said...

Hey fuzz genuises, here's a quick question for ya.

Is there an awesome fuzz pedal for ACOUSTIC guitar? I know that sounds a little crazy, but I'm doing a percussive thing and the acoustic works best, I want grit at some points.

Tips fuzz pros?

Comment added on September 17, 2010
Tim said...

I think that the Devi Ever line of fuzzez has come out with some of the most unique sounding fuzz stomps in recent years, Im a big fan of crazy noise machines which these things can be if you want them to be but they have a different flavour of fuzz pedal to accomidate almsot any player who is particular of the sound they have in mind. Would also recommend the zvex fuzz factory if you wanted to cover noise glitchieness and have an amazingly versatile fuzz at the same time.

Comment added on July 27, 2010
david said...

chec out this awesome fuzz from germanium transistors :
TRUE FUZZ by "levana audio".

Comment added on March 23, 2010
Tom said...

Roland AF-100 Fuzz Bee Baa is cool .There is three stomp switches. It has two different sounds of fuzz and booster !! It's an awesome fuzz pedal:)

Comment added on February 19, 2010
Ryan said...

Expandora !

Comment added on October 12, 2009
christian said...

the Frantone Peahfuzz!

Comment added on August 26, 2009
Adam said...

My favorite fuzz pedal is definitely the Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff Pi (black reissue.) It's alot more of a "smoother" fuzz compared to the American Big Muff Pi. It also seems to have way more bottom end. When I use a "FAT" Strat with it, my sound becomes super thick and fuzzy.

Comment added on August 15, 2009
seth said...

i think one of the best out there is a way huge swollen pickle. they have great sound.

Comment added on May 19, 2009
Clay said...

i use the blue Hendrix Fuzz Face and the Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz

Comment added on May 16, 2009
Andrew said...

I don't really use fuzz to get the same tone that most people do I guess it's because I prefer the sound of silicon fuzz pedals but, if you guys ever get a chance, play around with an ace-tone fuzzmaster. It sounds like no other fuzz I've ever heard. It's hard to explain the sound of it besides just way over the top. Definitely my favorite next to a maestro which was made in the sixties by gibson.

Comment added on December 17, 2008
jake hooker said...

i'm using the zvex woolly mammoth, which is a bass fuzz that sounds orgasmic on guitar, but i'm having trouble getting my bass to cut through, especially in live scenarios. for guitar, i actually dig it better than our guitar player's fuzz factory.

Comment added on December 04, 2008
Joel said...

Hey, I like the list but I'm looking for a bit of advice! I'm going through a bit of a Black Keys phase and have been hunting for that thick mucky chewy but most importantly WARM fuzz. I'm playing a Ric 330 through a Tiny Terror.

I've been playing around with a few pedals; one is the MXR Distortion II which is a lovely distortion pedal but doesn't push enough to the fuzz factor...and the other is a Little Big Muff Pi which I like except for the amount of fuzz is locked in with the sustain and the fact that the treble cuts out as soon as you start hitting bass notes when soloing.

What would you guys suggest?

I've heard Hoof Fuzz was good but I haven't experimented with it.

Comment added on November 14, 2008
HStone said...

Don't forget the Retroman Sybil, it's an awesome fuzz pedal (or two fuzz pedals in one box!).

Comment added on October 24, 2008
Dan H. said...

Favorite fuzz pedals? The Crucible Fuzz by Euthymia has the most hands down best tone. It kicks butt with tons of gain but also has that psychedelic mosquito tone. Alex Saraceno's Dirty Boy Pedals are some of the highest quality (and most expensive) fuzz pedals out there. His Cannibal Boy and Fuzzy Boy are the best. The Barber Trifecta Fuzz is very versatile and can sound like a Big Muff or a Tone Bender.

Comment added on September 25, 2008
Blake said...

You forgot possibly the best fuzz pedal other than the das fuzz, the addrock geranium fuzz.

Comment added on August 28, 2008
Andy said...

Those old Eminars didn't have much class. They really only amplified your playing (So you need to be real good). Compared to a Fender twin or the like, you would never go back to the poor old Emi. However, if you can get an Ibanez tube screamer (even a re-issue) you may get some class back.

Comment added on March 27, 2008
Robert said...

Hi Tim, not sure what you are looking for. The Digitech Bad Monkey can give you a nice, gritty blues tone. If you want a clean, big tone with not much grit, you can get a clean boost pedal like the 19 Sixty 3 or the MXR Micro Amp.
The Boss Blues Driver is a good choice too, since it doesn't color the tone much, but can push a tube amp into a bluesy place.

Comment added on December 29, 2007
tim said...

Hi Robert. I have been using your site for a long time now so i thought you might answer a question of mine. Having recently bought a mex strat im now looking for the right sound for it. I have a big 160 watt eminar valve amp but it is strictly clean. It has treble, middle and bass. Thats it.Can i use this amp with some pedals to get a nice bluesy strat sound. I have an overdrive pedal and a reverb pedal but i need something else. What do you think? You have been through a few effects. Strat through a clean amp. Love to see your comment or ideas on this.
Thanks mate.
Tim. Melbourne . Australia.

Comment added on December 29, 2007

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