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December 11, 2016

T-Bone Walker Guitar Lesson

I have create a T-Bone Walker style blues tune in the key of G, (T-Bone's favorite key). It's a medium tempo song, similar to T-Bone Shuffle.

In this course, I teach the melody, a 48 bar long solo, and the rhythm guitar. It's a complete package, in other words. The reviews have been only positive.

You can learn more about this course here and read the reviews.

Please take a look at preview below.


T-Bone Walker was accomplished and sophisticated - you can clearly hear the jazz influence in his playing. B.B. King has long cited him as a primary influence, and he was quite astonished at Walker's habit of holding the body of his guitar outward as he played it. Other players from the "Walker school" were Gatemouth Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, Goree Carter, Pete Mayes, and many more.

Perhaps his most famous tune is Stormy Monday, which was a huge hit and many players still record it.

Read the T-Bone Walker biography at Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.

By Robert Renman -

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Posted by Robert Renman on December 11, 2016