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Comping With Triads

"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

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Blues and Rock Guitar Lessons

Please note - all my lessons have been moved to my new website - Master Guitar Academy - please go there if you are interested in any of my lessons.

Guitar DVDs and digital downloads available.

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Bar Blues 1
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A letter I recently received

I just had to drop you a line to thank you for the 24-Bar Blues package. I've enjoyed it more than any other guitar lesson I've had! I'm learning a great deal, true, but what I especially appreciate is that your lessons CHALLENGE me. So not only am I gaining knowledge and expanding my licks "arsenal", more importantly the challenges keep me out of a rut. And the best part? Overcoming those obstacles gives my confidence a much-needed boost, particularly when I conquer licks like Lick 5's hammer-on/double pull-off! And what fun, too!

So I just had to thank you, dear Robert, for giving this old guitar lover a renewed passion for this instrument, which I've been struggling with on-and-off for the past 40 years. But it's on now, and this time I won't stop 'til I drop! I am in it for the duration, my friend, so please accept my sincere gratitude for all you've done for myself and other guitarists. God bless you!


These lessons are all in Quicktime format, in High Definition. The download file is a zip file, which includes the Quicktime video, the PDF, the Guitar Pro file and the backing track (some lessons have no backing track, and this is indicated in the lesson description).
Payment is handled via PayPal, and you can pay with any major credit card.

Webcam Lessons

If you would like individual guitar lessons with me, I do offer webcam lessons via Skype.

DVDs available

I also have older DVDs available for purchase, with tons of my older video lessons from this website.

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Lessons Moved

I have moved my lesson products to Master Guitar Academy - please go there if you are interested in any of my lessons.


I just came to the knowledge of Robert days ago, and he is one of the best of the best guitar teachers on all the web. He breaks everything down so minutely, and goes slow enough for someone to follow what he is putting on display. A lot of guitar players like him would never share such talented licks as he does, so those of us who love the blues, owe people like Robert our gratitude that he is laboring to promote such wonderful guitar playing. Thanks Robert, hope to be learning a lot from you, you are as cool as they come.

When I opened the package I was very impressed with the artwork on the DVD cover and your business card. Well done! The folks that take the download option are missing out on some very nice work indeed.

David H.

Download Guitar Pro

I highly recommend you buy Guitar Pro - it's the best software I have found for learning guitar. You can both see and hear the notes played with Guitar Pro. Many of my lessons come with Guitar Pro files. You can download a trial version on the Guitar Pro website to see if you like it (I think you will). Click the banner below:

Lessons included on DVD2A:

2 blues licks
500 ways rock solo
Acoustic Blues Strumologic
1-5-6-4 Acoustic Progression
Blues Jazz over C7
Short Blues Scale Lick
Blues Shuffle Vamp
Improvising over A7, with B Minor Pent and A Minor Pent
Camera Angle Inquiry Lick
Clapton Style Lick
Funky Blues with Upwards Sweep
Angus Young Style Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
That Hendrix Chord
All Along The WatchTower Hendrix Lick
Hendrix Style Major Chords
Lead Blues Ideas
Pentatonic Exercise Box 1
Raking Minor Lick
Rock Guitar Lick
C over G "Slash" Chord
Slow Blues Shuffle
Pride & Joy Lick - SRV style
Sweep Picking & Tapping
TripLit Blues Lick
We Swing Jazz Blues Lick
The Wind Cries Mary Hendrix Lick
Open Power Chords
Mixolydian Run
3 Note Solo
John Scofield Lick

Lessons included on DVD Bundle 3

World's Shortest Guitar Lick
8 Note Lick
BB King Lick in C
Blues Guitar Rhythm - Chucky
Rockabilly Lick - Run Off
Blues Filler Lick
Blues Rhythm + Lead
Buddy Guy Style Lick
Slow Blues Lick
Diminished Idea
Alternate Picking Country Lick
Fake Slide Lick
Playing Outside
SRV Voodoo Chile Lick
Legato Land Lesson

Lessons included on DVD Bundle 4

ZZ Top Boogie Style
Acoustic Blues - Got That Straight
Acoustic Guitar Chord Progression - Fall From Space
Billy Gibbons Style Lick
Blues Speed Drill
Eric Gales Lick
Eric Johnson Lick
Harmonizing Minor Scale - Line 6 POD HD
Hendrix Style - Wild Thingy
Hotel California Lick 1
Jeff Beck Lead Ideas
Jimmy Page Style Licks
John Mayer Style Lick - In Repair
Journey Style Chording - Lights
Santana Style Lead - Oyo Como What
Prince Wah Pedal Licks
Hendrix Red House Style Lick
Robben Ford Style Funky Blues Lick
Rory Gallagher Style Lick - Laundromat

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