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Backing Tracks / Re: Community project: In The World
« on: May 29, 2020, 05:08:28 AM »
Long time since this thread was updated last time.
Adter couple of years there is a new entry, by someone from another forum, Mr. ragman1:


    • Number of notes per string alternate from 3 to 4, between adjacent strings
    • Slides are used to play 4 notes per string
    • No slides are needed to play 3 notes per string
    • You can ascend by one shape, descend by other, switch in the middle, ...
    • This is just a diagram with options, it's up to you to use it!

    Direcr YouTube link

    00:00-00:57 _ Verse, speeding up, with rhythmic variations and bridge.........................
    00:57-01:41 _ 1st chorus, 2 variations, with ending lick.................................................
    01:41 - End  _ 2nd chorus, step up, 2 more variations with another ending lick.............

    Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, in slow Afro, solo guitar
    - composed by Lally Stott (RIP), all credits to his legacy
    - the best known version by Middle of the Road

    (Click on picture will redirect you to my blog page)


    Direct YouTube link:

    Sent from My Blog Page

    When the Saints Go Marching In
    key of E, C shape with capo on 4th fret
    on unplugged Telecaster Squier

    (Click on picture will redirect you to my blog page)

    Sent from My Blog Page

    Oh Susanna,
    Direct Youtube link

    Oh Susanna,
    (fingerstyle) on unplugged
    Squier Telecaster MIJ E6...

    (click on picture will redirect you to blogspot.com page)

    Recording Studio / Re: Ticket to ride, Catatonic version
    « on: March 10, 2020, 05:15:32 AM »
    Direct YouTube link
    Ticket to ride (Lennon - Mc Cartney), Catatonic variation on The Beatles

    (click on picture will redirect you to Youtube)

    Recording Studio / Re: Ticket to ride, Catatonic version
    « on: March 08, 2020, 06:12:23 AM »
    About gear used and recording  process, before weekend ends.

    - Squier Tele MIJ E6 Series, 1986-1987.
    Guitar is stock, except:
    - Wilkinson compensated bridge
    - Neck PU was rewound at one time, to unknown spec. Guy who did it said he made it stronger.
    - Strings: Tomastick BeBop 12, about 3.5 years old
    - Attached Roland GK3 MIDI pick up

    - Yamaha QY70
    - Some soft synth loaded in Multitrack DAW

    Recording gear and routing:
    - Squier to Boss SE70.
    - GK3 to GI20 converter, sending MIDI data simultaneously to Yamaha QY70 and to PC DAW.
    - Boss SE70 and QY70 audio outputs plugged into Behringer BCA2000, connected via USB to PC DAW.

    - "Chords", panned mid left: neck PU to Electro Acoustic preset on SE70
    - "Solo", panned center: Squier/GK3/GI20 triggering Yamaha QY70, some flute preset, don't know for sure. Recorded into DAW as audio
    - Doubled solo, panned mid right: MIDI data from GK3, recorded simoultaneously with audio from QY70, triggering some DAW soft synth sound.
    - Backing track, one repeating pattern, stereo: drums and bass QY70, from "Goa style" pattern, with "out of sync" percussion from some other "style".

    - EQ, compression, some delay and reverb on "chords".
    - No editing, except fade out, each track recorded in one take, no punch ins.

    Recording Studio / Ticket to ride, Catatonic version
    « on: March 03, 2020, 04:09:36 AM »
    Ticket to ride (Lennon - Mc Cartney), Catatonic variation on The Beatles

    (click on picture will redirect you to blogspot.com page)

    Guitar Talk In General / Donna Lee, one possible fingering
    « on: January 10, 2020, 08:03:17 AM »
    As a Christmas/ New Year present.

    here is

    my own self - devised fingering for Donna Lee as I used to play it ,

    as seen in the clip from this post on Dolphinstreet forum.

    It is in both notation and TAB, on my blog page

    Good Music! / 2019 top list
    « on: December 11, 2019, 04:06:03 AM »

    Recording Studio / Re: Don't blame me
    « on: December 02, 2019, 06:14:58 AM »
    Direct YT link (click on photo will get you directly to clip on Youtube)

    Some trivia:
    All A segments of 2nd version, starting at 2:17 approx,
    were played by only 1 grip, sliding up and down the neck,
    with some fingers wiggling.


    Recording Studio / Don't blame me
    « on: November 23, 2019, 08:11:42 AM »
    There was some mistake in html code, now with proper link:

    Don't blame me (Jazz Standard), blame Kicker

    (click on picture will redirect you to blogspot.com page)

    There are 2 x AABA, ie. 2 versions, 1+1.

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