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Learn Electric Guitar

You can also learn how to play the guitar

My current focus is at Master Guitar Academy, a membership site where I teach all my "secrets" and knowledge.

I teach guitar and electric bass students, anything from beginners to more experienced players in the styles of blues, country, metal, rock, fusion and jazz. I am based in Camrose, Alberta, and I occasionally get students from Edmonton and area.

If you need help learning scale patterns and shapes, there is a website called Guitar Scale Patterns, that provides a cheat sheet. Go and check it out. They have useful products for helping you learn faster.

How To Play Guitar

A good starter book, to a great price!

Here is a tool I recommend for slowing down music, so you can easier figure out what is being played. It's called Song Surgeon, and it's got some nice features. Check it out.

I am located in Camrose, and I teach players of all ability. It also does not matter if you prefer playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar or electric bass.

Contact me if you are interested in taking lessons from me.

Guitar Lesson Products

I have created some useful guitar lesson products on the Guitar Lesson Store page. Have a look.

Musician's Institute Blues/Rock Soloing for Guitar (Book/CD)

Musician's Institute Blues/Rock Soloing for Guitar (Book/CD)

10 complete solos in notes and tab; common scales and licks; blues, major, minor and combined tonalities; playing over changes; recommended listening; and more. Each musical example is demonstrated on the accompanying CD, which also includes rhythm-only tracks so you can practice your own solos.

Buy a Blues Guitar book from Musician's Friend

Alfred Beginning Blues Guitar (Book/DVD)

Alfred Beginning Blues Guitar (Book/DVD)

Any guitarist who has learned to play basic rock is ready for this comprehensive collection of blues guitar lessons from outstanding blues guitarist Matt Smith. Important blues concepts such as 8- and 12-bar blues forms, phrasing concepts, and improvisation are explained, along with techniques including bending and vibrato. Close-ups of hands, split screens, and opportunities to improvise with a real blues band make learning fun and easy. DVD length: 1 hour 31 minutes.

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