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Guitar Chords

Movable Chord Shape

Here is chord shape I use often. It's a handy one, because as you move this chord shape, you create new kinds of chords. The bottom two strings are played open for each of these chords, and it makes them ring very nicely with clean guitar sound. Below are 3 positions of this chord shape, which then produces these chords. As an example, these three chords can be used to play "All Along The Watchtower", the Hendrix version.

Don't play the low E string.

  C#m7       Bsus4      Asus2


Using all strings on the guitar.

  Badd4      Aadd9

Chord Diagrams

This is a
Picture Chord Encyclopedia: Photos & Diagrams for Over 2,600 Guitar Chords that you may find handy to have.

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