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Guitar Pedal Reviews

Deciding on what guitar effects pedals to get can be daunting if you are a beginner. In this section, you can read my reviews of pedals I have played over the years.

Wondering what guitar pedal to get?

I've got lots of guitar pedals - some expensive - some really cheap. I like most of them, and on this section of my website, I'll talk more about them and sometimes give some sound examples in video format.

Guitar Effects Pedal reviews

I have gone through quite a few stomp boxes through the years, and nowadays there is so much to choose from. Boutique pedals are everywhere, and people seem willing to pay the price of a good amp to get a guitar pedal. Things have really changed. On the other hand, some of the big manufacturers, like DigiTech, DanElectro and others are coming out with some really nice, inexpensive guitar pedals that sometimes question the need to go the boutique route. I'd like to mention a few pedals that I like.

I have also written up a list of the Best Distortion Pedal - add your comments to it.

I also want to mention my friend Bob, who builds some really nice sounding pedals. Take a look at what he has on his Duh Voodoo Man's Home-Built Guitar Effects Pedals.

  1. 19 Sixty 3
  2. Arion MOC-1 Octave Pedal
  3. Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus
  4. Boss Blues Driver
  5. Danelectro Fab Distortion
  6. Danelectro Chicken Salad
  7. Danelectro PB J
  8. Das Fuzz
  9. Digitech Bad Monkey
  10. Digitech Expression Factory EX-7
  11. Digitech Hot Head
  12. Digitech JamMan
  13. Digitech RP100A
  14. DOD FX80B
  15. DOD Ice Box Chorus
  16. DOD DFX91 Delay
  17. Dunlop Octave Fuzz
  18. Fulltone Clyde Wah
  19. Korg pitchblack tuner
  20. Ibanez Tremolo TL5
  21. Lexicon LXP-1
  22. Line 6 Toneport UX1
  23. Maxon SD-9
  24. MXR Micro Amp
  25. One-Spot Adapter
  26. Pedal Board
  27. Reverend Drivetrain
  28. Rocktron X-Tune
  29. Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

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