DigiTech RP100A Review - a Modeling Guitar Processor
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DigiTech RP100 A Modeling Guitar Processor Review

For my small gigs, I was using a DigiTech RP100 A Modeling Guitar Processor for a while through a solid state amp for a while. The RP100 A is a guitar effects processor with many features.

The RP100A Modeling Guitar Processor comes with presets created by popular guitarists of today's scene. Many of the presets are decent, and the versatility this guitar processor brings means a lot of fun for a guitar player.

There is a special AudioDNA chip built into this processor pedal, where the intent is to create many tones of the greatest vintage and modern amps ever made. It also has acoustic guitar simulation, and a number of programmable effects, of which 11 can be used simultaneously.

You can buy the even better RP200A from Musician's Friend

DigiTech RP200A Modeling Guitar Processor DigiTech RP200A Modeling Guitar Processor

If you have a good sounding clean amp but you want more variety in tones, check out the RP-100A - it may do the trick for you. If nothing else, it will be a great tool for practicing, at any hour of the day!

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