DOD FX64 Ice Box Chorus Review

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DOD FX64 Ice Box Chorus Review

The DOD FX64 Ice Box Chorus is a decent all-around chorus that is quite subtle in its coloring of tones. I use it mostly for clean tones, but it can be cool with an overdriven tone too. With some tweaking, you can get kind of a univibe sound with its own twist. Still, I think it works best on a clean guitar tone.

It can be used in stereo or mono, and for the price I'd recommend it. There are better chorus pedals out there, but they usually cost a lot more. This one I'd put in the "middle of the pack". I like using it for chording or for jazz leads. You can get some nice shimmering sounds out of this unit. It is quite transparent (if you want it to be) and can be used in a very subtle way.

It is built in a solid way and it's not likely to break anytime soon.

It can also work quite well with an acoustic guitar. It will give you a big and fat sound, a useful trick to know.

It sucks the life out of batteries pretty quick, so I recommend using a power supply like the One-Spot Adapter with this chorus pedal.

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