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Lexicon LXP-1 Reverb Review

The Lexicon LXP-1 is an old (1980s) half-rack reverb unit that studios still use today. The LXP-1 was discontinued a long time ago, but even with today's standards, it sounds fantastic.

I recently got this reverb unit on eBay. My spring reverb on my tube amp died a year ago, and I figured this would be a good time to find a good reverb unit. I have known about Lexicon reverbs for a long time, but they are also quite expensive. However, 25 year old technology can usually be found fairly cheap on eBay, and so I went hunting. They are out there, to good prices too.


The LXP-1 has that legendary Lexicon quality sound. It does not do true stereo, but for my guitar amp that doesn't matter. I haven't used it yet in a recording situation yet, but I bet it would sound very nice on some vocals or just about any instrument.

The reverb is deep and clear, it is hard to explain. If you have heard really good reverbs and also cheap ones, you'll know what I mean. Compared to other old units in the same price range, like Yahama and Roland, the Lexicon LXP-1 sound way better, at least to my ears. It doesn't sound "digital" or fake - it is deep, clear and natural.

I have heard it mentioned several times that the LXP-1 sounds just as good, if not better, than some of Lexicons current and way more expensive models. I cannot confirm this, as this is the only Lexicon I've used, but I would be surprised. I imagine the newer units have way more options and configurations options and so on, but in the end, it's the reverb quality most people want. I know I do, and I finally have that quality now, in the Lexicon LXP-1. Now I just need an LXP-5 for modulation effects!

Video Clip

Listen to me playing my Squier Telecaster through my Hellhound, with the LXP-1 in the effects loop of the amp. I love this reverb!

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