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My Home-made Guitar Pedal Board, built from a $2.00 suitcase

I built my own pedal board out of a suit case. I was looking for a basic pedal board to help me keep my growing pedal collection in order, but I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money. I figured there must be a way to make your own. I searched the Web, and I noticed some people recommended making your own out of a suitcase. Said and done - I went to the bargain store and bought a $2.00 used suitcase, then headed over to the hardware store for some supplies.

Building your own pedal board is quite simple to do. I bought some 3/4 inch plywood at the hardware store, and cut the plywood so it would fit nicely in the suit case. I then screwed it to the bottom of the suitcase, painted it black with some spray paint, and I glued on some velcro to it for my pedals. I stuffed the lid of the suitcase with some thick foam, that will make the pedals stay in place once the lid is shut.

In order to take the lid off, I removed the hinges. Take care so you don't destroy the suitcase material at this point. After that, I added some sturdy latches on the side where the hinges used to be. This way I have latches on both sides, and I can easily take the lid off. The last thing I did was to add some rubber feet underneath. This is easy to do, since there is so much plywood available to screw into.

I think it turned out pretty good in the end. It's not super pretty, but I don't care. It keeps my pedals organized, and I can get set up very quickly by just plugging in my One-Spot Adapter - a highly recommended adapter for powering all your pedals.

The pedals above do change a lot! I have quite a few, and I'm always moving them around and adding/removing some, and so on. The choice of pedals depend on what kind of gigs I'm doing.

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