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Playing licks with open strings

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Let's have some fun with open strings when we play guitar licks. As you can see in the video, I'm not using a guitar pick. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, you get a very different sound when playing with your fretting hand's fingers. It's a softer sound, but you can also pop and pull on the strings for a snappy tone.

Second, it's often easier to incorporate open strings into your playing when using your fretting hands' fingers, because you use 4 fingers on their own strings. The thumb may play the low E, index finger the D string, middle finger the G String and ring finger the B string. This is a very different approach from playing with a pick.

You can still use a pick if you want, when using open strings when playing lead ideas. It's just a little more limiting, since you need to only play on 2 adjacent strings. With no pick, you have more options and possibilities. Try both!

Experiment with adding an open string to some of your regular licks. Figure out if the G or B or high E string fits in with the chord or key of the song, and see what cool sounds you can come up with.

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Comments on this video lesson:

Pat said...

I have always enjoyed your lessons and this one hits the spot well done
love your gutsy sound

Comment added on November 06, 2013
Mark said...

very cool.did some not realizing it.looks like I have more work to do on it. Thanks Robert

Comment added on November 23, 2012

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