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Blues Rhythm Lesson - key of G

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Visit this page for the full course. This course is about Dominant Chords, and how to use them for comping blues. There 113 chord voicings in this course.

This course is structured logically. We start by looking at some basic theory – how triads are constructed, and how we build Dominant 7 chords. I also explain how minor 7 and major 7 chords are created. The course includes both Dominant 7 chords, as well as their extensions (9, 11, 13 chords) and I explain it all in enough detail for you to both understand and utilize these concepts.

After that, I will share with you the Dominant chord voicings I use the most in my playing. We will also practice these voicings, one by one, to a drum track. Last time I counted all the chord diagrams I used for this course, I realized there are 113 chords voicings in this course… in other words, plenty to keep you busy! Remember, you only have to learn the ones you really like. By learning the concept of how they are created, however, you’ll be able to create your own voicings.

The 3rd ingredient in this course is taking some of these chord voicings and use them in a blues tune. So, I have created 6 specific lessons for this, and each has its own backing track. For 3 of these examples, I will use the simpler 3-note chord voicings, and we stick to only those throughout the tune. For the other 3 examples, I make it a bit more challenging by using 4-note voicings, and I’ll use 2 sets of those for playing through the tune. That way, you can progress from playing simpler voicings to more challenging ones, so this is a good way for you to improve your chord voicing abilities.

You can go to this page for the full course.

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