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Charlie Parker Chromatic Lick

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Guitar Lesson Overview

This lick I learned from Charlie Parker - "Bird". He was a phenomenal player and anything you can pick up from him is worth learning :) This lick is very bluesy sounding, and will work either in a blues or jazz setting. I have made another video similar to this one that uses mostly the same notes, but it sounds more like blues than jazz.

This lick is in key of E, or E7 if you wish. Hope you like it!

I also suggest you check out the video lesson of a blues chromatic lick similar to this one. It is more guitar oriented than this Parker lick.



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Video Clips

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Comments on this video lesson:

Casanova said...

Great lessons, the videos are amazing and easy to learn. Really very good job. Thank you Robert.

Comment added on March 09, 2009
Meir said...

simply amazing, this clip made me stay up all night and jam, THANK U SO MUCH

Comment added on February 25, 2008
Uncle John said...

I enjoyed this a lot. I immediately note some notes and tried it out--it worked!!! I tried it with a few tunes I play in E, e.g., "Summertime," and it worked well. Thanks--you did a great job.

Comment added on January 19, 2008
Michael said...

Well done, Robert. I really enjoy your lesson presentations. Interesting and concise lessons are hard to find - even by famous professionals. Good job, sir.

Comment added on January 04, 2008

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