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Big Legged Woman - Freddy King Lesson

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Here's a guitar lesson for this cool Freddie King song I've always enjoyed playing. It has a nice groovy line that gives the song a certain "theme". This examples shows the default rhythm line. The song is a 12 bar blues, and Freddie mostly plays licks in between the vocal lines through out the song.

I've also included the 2 intro licks Freddy plays before he starts singing. Be sure to listen to the original song, it's a good one!

I'm using my Digitech JamMan in this lesson as a quick way to create that background groove for the 2 intro licks.


Here is the tab for the main groove.


Comment on this?

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Comments on this video lesson:

William said...

I love these little nuggets you share. I can then build on those and make them a part of my playing style.
Awesome as usual Robert!
Thank you.

Comment added on May 24, 2014
MEL said...

Its more help to you without tabs as it makes you listen and make up your own licks good teachers don't like to give you tabs all the time nice lesson

Comment added on July 11, 2013
wes said...

Wow Your lessons are very good. please keep up the good work THANX!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment added on June 18, 2013
Elusiverick said...

Loved It, Seems you always leave'em beggen fur MORE !!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment added on November 24, 2011
Marcel said...

Hello it will be nice if you can show how you make this nice solo.... or tabs will be nice too.... I can't get it.......

Comment added on November 02, 2009
daniel said...

would think it's cool to see the lead guitar line broken down a bit, note by note. otherwise, very, very cool!

Comment added on July 22, 2008
Frank said...

Great lesson. I can't find a Guitar Pro version of this anywhere - do you know where I can find a version?

Comment added on June 13, 2008
Urgox said...

Nice Video!
Would be nice if the Intro-Lick would be in tabs on this side!

Comment added on February 05, 2008
Sergiu said...


Comment added on January 29, 2008
Eath-Dawg said...

that vid lesson for freddie king was great, but it wqould've been better if on ur website if you had the tabs to the other part of the song

Comment added on January 27, 2008

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