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Texas Blues Shuffle

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Here is a shuffle blues lesson in the key of E. It's in the style of Texas Blues, check Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy for a great "real" example. The way I am playing my version in this video is very similar to Stevie's version. Note that the raking, "loose right hand" effect I mention in this video was the way Stevie pretty much always played these shuffles. I am showing how you can still play the basic shuffle pattern by using the simpler way by using down strokes.

Texas Blues Shuffle in PDF & Guitar Pro 5

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Comments on this video lesson:

Steve said...

Great Lesson(Texas Blues Shuffle)!!! Would you be kind enough to provide the TABs for Time Frame 7:05 to 7:14. These are not covered in the lesson Tabs.
Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully replying.

Comment added on April 25, 2013
coking said...

Thank you very very match

Comment added on May 10, 2012
Calum Grant said...

Excellent lesson, taught well well - excellent tabs as well


Comment added on December 20, 2010
Fay said...

You are a terrific teacher. There are a lot of folks who can play guitar but few good teachers. Thank you for making it so clear!

Comment added on October 15, 2010
Robert said...

Thanks for all the great feedback, I am glad this little shuffle is useful for you!

Comment added on April 11, 2010
Pepe said...

I just wanted to thank you for your clip. I put down the guitar for about a decade. I knew I was missing something when I bought a used strat copy to bang around on. I can actually still read ! And this little shuffle and I, thanks to your video (I'll be hearing it for a month now), are going to get to be good friends. Peace

Comment added on April 11, 2010
dustin horrox said...

you kick azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! rockNroll brother! love the web site!

Comment added on March 08, 2010
Anonymous said...


Comment added on February 24, 2010
Oscar van den Bosch said...

Stumbled upon your site via Youtube and I'm having a lot of fun following these lessons. Thanks a lot!

Comment added on October 16, 2009
Dominic said...

Simple to the point sounds great. Great video it doest beat around the bush

Comment added on June 29, 2009
rusty said...

cool sound on your guitar. What is giving you that Stevie Strat sound besides your 18amp head you use. I have a 66 Showman with the unique "tone ring" blending with a A/B switch connected to a Fender Priceton Chorus amp and a 50th annivesary Strat. Great blend but I still dig your raw sound on that Texas thang you do. Stay zoned bro I look for you daily. rusty

Comment added on June 14, 2009
Frank said...

What a great little shuffle taught so well. Thanks so much

Comment added on June 12, 2009

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