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Good Blues Guitars - Fender and others

My guitar collection is growing - I now have over 10 guitars, and they are all of different quality. I often try guitars in stores to see if there is any new stuff that is worth getting. I think quality has gone up considerably in the last 10 years, and it is in my view possible buy a real decent guitar for low cost. I have found great guitars for under $500, and very decent ones for under $200. The main thing here is to test many. Once in a while, you can find that "special" guitar, that just rings like a bell and feels and sounds great. Test many, buy few, that's my tip for you!

All other guitars

  1. Squier 51 - Vintage Modified - cool guitar!
  2. Squier Telecaster- a nice playing Tele!
  3. Reverend Rocco - sweet guitar by Reverend
  4. Fender Deluxe Players Strat - my only Fender Strat
  5. Fender Lone Star - a Fender Strat with a humbucker (sold)
  6. Fullerton Stratocaster - a totally insane bargain I got for $44.99!
  7. Richard the Dorian - my friend Richard Jones built this fine guitar
  8. Steinberger GM4T - a unique instrument from the 80s - the headless guitar (sold)
  9. Squier Stratocaster - cheap Mexican Squier
  10. SX SJB-57 Electric Bass - a great beginner bass of suprising quality
  11. SX SST 62 Stratocaster - low cost Strat copy
  12. SX DG-50CE - a very affordable acoustic-electric that plays and sounds great
  13. SX SEG1 STD - an Ibanez-style metal guitar!
  14. Yamaha F-310

If you want a US-made great Stratocaster to a good price, check out the Fender Highway One Strat. It's made in the USA and it's a very nice deal.

You can buy this fine Stratocaster from Musician's Friend - a great deal!

Fender Classic Player '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar Sonic Blue
Fender Classic Player '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar Sonic Blue

Richard the Dorian

My friend Richard Jones built this fine guitar, he called it The Dorian. It is very beautiful, and feels great to play. It is very dear to me. He also built great guitars with humbuckers, but this strat-type guitar is the sweetest thing. It is semi-hollow, so it has a bigger rounder tone than a Strat, but still can "quack" pretty good. It uses Evans¬ ¬ pickups (Canadian-made).



A Reverend Rocco, Reverend Hellhound 40/60 and custom-made 2x12 cabinet. I liked the Rocco, but it didn't sound like me, and the sharp body shape of those Reverend guitars was giving me bruises. After playing the guitar for a whole gig, my ribs hurt. I sold it in January 2005.

A Fender Stratocaster,¬ model is Lone Star I think. I sold this one, wanted 3 single coils instead. I regret selling it, it was a good guitar and it had a maple neck. I love maple necks.

My Squier Strat (Mexican). From the local pawn shop. Lower quality than the Telecaster. I put some Fender Custom Shop 54 pickups in it, and it came to life. I didn't change any of the other electronic innards, maybe I should? The parts are probably quite crappy, and the thing hums quite a bit.


My Squier Tele (Indonesian).¬ I haven't done any mods on it, but it already sounds good. The bridge pickup is a little shrill, and I've been thinking about changing to Bill Lawrence pickups.


This guitar I sold on eBay in 2004. It's a Steinberger GM4T, more of¬ a high-tech guitar. Very cool looking guitar, and the Trem is fantastic. The guitar is very high quality, but didn't sound right for blues and jazz.

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