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Reverend Rocco Review

The Reverend Rocco is a light weight, USA made, and in many ways, unique guitar. The one pictured here is from 2000, and is different than their current models. It has 2 chrome covered humbuckers, and a coil split feature that works very well. It is possible to get a wide range of sounds from this guitar. The cool look of this guitar make other players come and ask about it. Everyone loves the look of it. So do I, I think it's one of the most cool looking guitars I've ever seen.

Playing a Reverend Rocco at Scalliwags


The guitar body is made out of a Phenolic wood-based compound, and the side rim is made of injection molded plastic. The neck is very well made and easy to play. They feel similar to an old Strat neck, a bit of a rounded vintage profile.

Sound * * *

It sounds quite rich, and I found I liked it best with an overdriven sound. For clean sounds, it didn't work for me. It has a sound of it's own, a quite fat sound that might appeal to blues rock players.


Overall * * *

I no longer have my Rocco. There were a few things about it that bothered me. One thing was the sharp edge of the body. It cut into my ribs and after playing a gig, I had really sore ribs. The other thing was the tone wasn't quite my thing. I am more of Strat guy, and even though it could produce cool tones, I could not quite get along with the guitar. Nothing wrong with the Rocco, really, but we just didn't get along.

I would really like to try some of Reverend's current models - they look awesome as well and I believe they are now using wood for the body. I hope the body contour is rounded so the bruising days are over!

You can read more about Reverend's guitars on their website

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