Jazz Backing Tracks

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Jazz Backing Tracks

The following C Minor Jazz Blues Practice Track recordings were created with a Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow into a TonePort with GearBox loaded with a AC30 Top Boost amp model for lead.

The form for the progression is:

Cm7 | Cm7 | Cm7 | C7
Fm7 | Fm7 | Cm7 | Cm7
Ab7 | G7  | Cm7 | G7

These tracks were recorded on a MacBook Pro, using Garageband. Both the acoustic bass and the drum jazzkit were created straight from Garageband.

All backing tracks on this page are free for you to use for practicing. All I ask that if post them online somewhere, please let people know where you got them from. I'd also love to hear how you use them, so please let me hear you play over them! For commercial use, you must get my written permission.

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