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Miniature Pinscher - Toy Dog

See also this website about the Miniature Pinscher dog. It has more great pictures of this dog, as well as more detailed information - Miniature Pinscher.Net.

(Often misspelled as Miniature Pincher)

Our Miniature Pinscher

See also the page about our Min Pin called Bamse - more information on our little buddy boy.

A playful breed who likes a toy

This Toy Dog likes to play with toys. He picks up socks, shoes and other similarly sized items that he can reach. The Miniature Pinscher likes to have several little teddy bears and cloth toys, and he plays with them a lot. He also loves to chew on dog chews. The Miniature Pinscher loves to play and jump, they have a lot of energy!

Learn More About The MinPin With This Excellent Book


Our Pinscher weighs about 12 pounds (5.5 kg) and he is about 12 inches (30 centimeters) tall. He is very healthy and loves to eat. He is so playful, and loves to run and chase toys we throw. His favourite toy is a white little teddybear - he plays with it a lot.

Potty training

We had a bit of trouble teaching our Min Pin to pee outside. He had a bit of a tendency to pee on the rug and sometimes the couch, but he quickly got better. A dog like this should be taken outside often for exercise and bathroom breaks! You need to be patient, and let the pinscher go outside often. Encourage the dog every time there is bathroom training success!

Getting cold

Another thing about taking the pinscher outside - they don't like cold weather (who does?). They don't have thick hair, and they like to stay warm. Since we are living in Canada, he doesn't enjoy going outside much without a coat. It's a good idea to get a nice dog coat so you can be outside with your min pin.

Running away

Also, be careful with letting the miniature pinscher loose outside - they are escape artists and can crawl under a fence very easily. They are quick on their feet and can be lost for good if you aren't careful.

Taking a bath

Use a very gentle dog shampoo, and don't give the dog baths too often. Pinchers have dry skin and too much bathing is not good for their skin. Instead, you can use a wet, warm towel to wipe down the dog with.

Is this Miniature Pinscher dog breed right for you?

One thing is clear, this little mini toy dog likes to jump! It has an incredible amount of energy, this little thing. I sometimes take him running, but it is hard to run with him since he jumps around so much. We sometimes call him the Jumping Dog! The Miniature Pincher is a very enjoyable toy dog, so we highly recommend this breed to anyone looking for a small dog with energy. Be prepared for an energetic dog!

What food should your Miniature Pinscher have?

We recommend you use natural dog food for your pinscher. The risk for allergies and stomach problems is reduced when you use natural dog food. Wellness make dry dog food that is very popular. Highly recommended.

our dog Bamse

Our Miniature Pinscher

Read more about our Min Pin called Bamse!

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