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Guitar Videos & Gear Demos

Latest video clip:

Suhr Badger 18 Demo (September 27 2012)

Here are some guitar music videos I've recorded over the years. I can provide guitar videos in super nice HD quality with Youtube, and I am lucky enough to have an old enough Youtube account which doesn't have the current 10 minute limit. That's why you may see some of my guitar music videos being way beyond 10 minutes long, but if you sign up to Youtube nowadays, you will be limited to 10 minutes for all your videos. Lucky me, I guess!

These guitar videos are mostly demos of a guitar or amp or a pedal, but there also some songs and sometimes just some improvisation by me. Let me know if you like any of it.

I created most of them using Windows Movie Maker and Final Cut Express. The older guitar videos might look and sound a little funny due to the high compression rate. The older video clips are recorded with a SONY DCR TRV-33 Digital Camcorder, using the built-in microphone. I think the sound and video this camcorder records is quite good. However, I have replaced the Sony camcorder with a Canon Vixia HG-20, which is a much better camera and it records in HD format.

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The amps I use on these guitar videos are most often my Heatseeker, Mack Gem, Marshall JVM410H, my Woodstock amp or my Reverend Hellhound. I used to have a Vox AD50VT but I sold it to make room for new gear.

For guitars, I am mostly using my Suhr Classic, my Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow, Hagstrom Swede, my Richard, my SX SST 62, or a Squier Standard Tele. For high gain tones, I sometimes use an Anthem guitar.

The pedals used (if any) are always mentioned in the guitar video or on its page. Enjoy!

Trying new and affordable gear

I always try to keep an eye and ear open for new, interesting and affordable gear. I have found that a lot of the inexpensive guitar gear of today can actually be quite good, and I am not embarrassed over playing cheap gear. If it sounds good, it is good. I think I got some good tones with cheap gear on some of these guitar videos, or what do you think?

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