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Das Fuzz + Squier Tele Video

New Baja Tech Custom Das Fuzz pedal clip - using my Squier Telecaster and Vox AD50VT on the Boutique OD setting. I prefer to have an overdriven sound to start with, or else I don't get the tone I want. It is easy to accomplish though - either with some amp distortion or with a pedal like the Blues Driver.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Jess said...

Good to see these shorts: as a closet guitar player I can only occasionally afford to buy these extras: When I do go to the store to buy the sales agents don't have the knowledge about the product or skill to provide the sounds . So, this is a great portal of insight for me. Thanks again.

Comment added on September 20, 2011
Butch said...

Did you use nay other pedal with Das Fuzz in this demo?
Very nice sound!

Comment added on December 21, 2010
birinha said...

esses captadores sao os originais dessa guitarras? ou sao outros?

Comment added on January 20, 2010
Robert said...

I like the DiMarzio noiseless pickups. My Squier nowadays has Virtual T by DiMarzio, but on the clip above, the pickups were stock.

Comment added on July 10, 2009
Ben said...

Do u have any Pickups to recommend for this guitar... Have one... Its Sound Awesome!!!

Comment added on July 10, 2009
alan said...

Hi robert, great playing i suck at lead i have bought a das fuzz after seeing and HEARING this have a vox ac15 made in england twin loaded with 10"'s got a really organic sound. What do i need to do to learn to play lead my rhythm is great but just never ventured ....but now feeling the need.

all the best and thanks


Comment added on February 13, 2009
Robert said...

Yes, I like my Squier. It's a great sounding tele.

Comment added on January 16, 2009
Trent Baugher said...

Do you still like your Squier Standard Telecaster? I'm thinking of getting one. I like the MIM Telecaster, but this one is half the price, and still sounds pretty good. Thanks.

Comment added on January 15, 2009
mark said...

my tuners suck do you know what may work better and what line up exact thanks and keep rockin. marko from pei canada

Comment added on March 23, 2008

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