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Strat with CS 54s Video

Squier Stratocaster with Fender Custom Shop 54 pickups. Nice pickups! Here I'm using the good ol' Vox Ad50VT.

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Comments on this video clip:

Tim Yanasak said...

Thank you for this demo.
I am shopping for Fender pick-ups for my 84' Ibanez, Strat style, "Roadstar II".
Now in your video, it seems that when you push the pick-up selector switch toward the neck the sound is that of the bright, ice-picky, bridge pick-up. And when switched toward the bridge the sound is that of the bassier, neck pick-up. Is this right, normal? Am I hooking up my guitar wrong or just hearing things again?
Thanks Again and Peace, Tim

Comment added on December 15, 2009
Clem said...

I'm impressed with the sound of those pups in that squire. I'm even more impressed with the guitar playing!

Comment added on August 26, 2009

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