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Cool guitar picks Video

Brossard Picks

Here is a demo of the fantastic Ebony, Horn and Bone picks from Brossard Picks.

The Ebony wood picks have a round and more mellow tone, since the material is soft, whereas the Horn and Bone picks are very hard and produce a sharp, and very clear tone.

This also the first time I miced my Marshall with an SM57 for the sound. I went Hagstrom Swede, Mogami 2524 lava cable, old Tascam US-122, MacBook Pro, Garageband. I added a little bit of delay and reverb in Garageband, exported the file and imported it into Final Cut Express, which is the video editing program I use. I here manually synced up the audio with the video.

How's that guitar tone?

Go to to see all the cool picks offered by Brossard.

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Comments on this video clip:

tim march said...

very impressed with the demo on brossard picks ,would like to know how would i aquire in australia and roughly how much.really enjoy your forums robert you have so much to offer keep up the good work. tim march

Comment added on March 04, 2010

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