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Golden Age Project Pre-73 Video

This is a very sweet microphone preamp, based on the classic Neve designs from the 70s.

This is my first quality mic preamp, and I am sure not disappointed! It sounds great no matter what. It is quiet, and it boost the mic quite a bit, without adding noise and hiss. It's a completely different beast, compared to those ultracheap mic pres you can get for 30-50 bucks. Garbage!

I used a Shure SM57 microphone in this clip, and I used my Avatar cabinet with Eminence Wizards.

This is a steal. Want to get good guitar tone when you record your amp? Look no further! The GAP Pre-73 is one of the best deals out there for those looking for a great preamp that doesn't break the bank. It's around $300 in most places, but considering how much those high end mic pres cost, this is a steal for what it can do.

Get yours from Musician's Friend

Golden Age Project Pre-73 Preamp
Golden Age Project Pre-73 Preamp

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