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Line 6 Spider Valve MkII Video

The result of a collaborative effort between living-legend amp designer Reinhold Bogner and Line 6, Spider Valve MkII 112 40-watt combo amplifier provides boutique-style tube amp tone and the latest, most advanced Line 6 amp modeling with complete flexibility and deep editing.

The Line 6 Spider Valve 112 amp has the tools and tones you need to build your sound from the ground up. It features 16 of the most advanced Line 6 amp models, which were inspired by the most revered American, British and European heads and combos. Each one was custom-tuned for Spider Valve MkII amps.

In the demos below, I give an overview of what the amp sounds a low volume, using a Hagstrom for clean sounds, and a Suhr Classic for gain sounds. The amp was set to manual, and I didn't use any of the amp's effects, other than reverb for the clean tones.

To be fair, this amp sounds better when turned up a bit. Due to recording this at home with people in the house, I was not able to crank it up to where the amp sounds its best. I will post more videos of the amp being turned up louder, for an improved tone.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Justin said...

AMAZING amp! I have a ga1065 amp with my sx guitar, and it really doesn't come close. (but I got a real good deal on it) What kind of guitar are you using?

Comment added on December 03, 2010
Rockdog said...

Hot playing Robert the amp sounds cool,had line6 floorpod and it died pretty early in life so not a fan of that gear now, found Zoom G2.1u to be much better.

Comment added on March 26, 2010
rick bourne said...

some amplifier very impressive guitar playing its amazing how it holds it together with the different modes and channels and not to expensive good work.

Comment added on March 23, 2010
Craig Fish said...

Great demo Robert. I really enjoy the demos and video lessons you share with us.

Comment added on March 23, 2010
Carlos Bluesman said...

I have already a Line6 Spider Jam. It´s just a whole band! I use to work with SD cards. Wild thing!

Comment added on March 23, 2010

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