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Line 6 Spider Valve MkII Crunch Video

My Suhr Classic sounds great through the Crunch channel. This amp model is inspired by Marshall Plexi amps, which is probably why I like this amp model so much! Pretty good tone here I think, or what say you?

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Larry said...

I would be interested in a short demo of Line 6 amp using only camera mic. This would be a give a more equal comparison to your earlier demos of amps. I think clean sound is where it would even the comparison the most, as I believe the camera mic adds it's own limiting and compression.

Comment added on April 04, 2010
Robert said...

Larry, I look at amps as different flavours. The Spider Valve MkII is different than all my other amps. Having all the effects built in, and the ability to store a large number of user-defined patches is very useful. It's also a tube amp, which the Vox isn't. The Mack has no features but good tone. I guess an amp like this tries to do both, and the result is up to the listener.

I must admit I am not happy with some of my demos - they don't sound as good as the amp does in real life. I think I messed up on microphone placement. I used a separate mic for this, whereas on the Vox and older Mack demos, I just used the microphone built into the camera, which sounds and works quite differently. In other words, it's hard to compare the tones that way. I suppose I could do another demo of this amp with just the camera microphone instead, if anyone is interested?

Comment added on March 30, 2010
Larry said...

Hi Robert,

How do you like this Line 6 amp's tone compared to:
1 Your Mack
2 Your former Vox AD50vt
I have listened to some of your old video's with the Vox, and I think the tone that comes across is at least as good (in its own way) as the Line 6. The Vox, to my ears, is a little more edgy, a bit less refined, but in a good way. I Have the Vox (and some others), and like it quite well.
Thanks for all your good licks and information.

Comment added on March 30, 2010

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