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Brookwood Leather Guitar Strap Video

I recently bought myself a new guitar strap from Brookwood Leather. I liked it so much that I decided to make a video. Mine has these metal designs (conchos) which look great. I got my strap cut to my preferred length, so that I don't get that bulky adjustment thing that many straps have. The downside of this is of course I won't be able to use the strap with just any guitar, but that's okay. This one was custom made for my Suhr Classic, and that's where it will stay.

I noticed that commenters on youtube think this is a bad commercial and that it's a result from getting free stuff... well it if comes across as that, my apologies. However, I paid for this strap with my own money, and I liked it so much that I took the time to make a video for it. All my videos are 100% honest. I do not recommend products I don't like or that I think have major flaws. And this strap, my friends, is very nice quality, which is why I happily recommend it in the video and here. If I come across as overly happy in the video, so be it. That's who I am, so take it for what it is.

Go to Brookwood Leather to see more of these excellent straps. There are many great photos on that site too, which actually makes me want to buy a whole bunch of straps, to be honest (and I don't really need a whole bunch)!

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Thank you, I will keep smiling. I am glad to hear your comments. Thanks again.

Comment added on April 15, 2010
Will said...

Thanks for the great videos you send me. You are a classy guy and your music is very tasteful and moving. You stir me to practice and learn. Jealous people can't receive from you they are too full of their misery of feeling 'less than you' so they can't appreciate your style and efforts. Constantly comparing yourself to others always ends up bad. People are unique individuals and can only like others if they like themselves. You, sir, are doing a great service. You are unselfish and creative. Keep smiling.

Comment added on April 13, 2010
hillbilly joe said...

gosh robert
that was a real good presentation of a guitar strap, nice to know you did buy so now people know the truth "you buy what you feel like and you come to us with positive feedback, all true too. don't worry about what the "others" say, we here are your true friends

just keep the lessons coming and the gear reviews coming "try to stay with some of the cheap stuff, these days I'm kind of broke" LOL

Comment added on April 13, 2010
Robert said...

Thanks for the support, guys! I am not going to hide my excitement about any gear I like! Feels good to be among friends... ;)

Comment added on April 12, 2010
ElusiveRick said...

You have one of precious few web sites that FREELY GIVE knowledge & instruction at your considerable expense & people still find something to criticize ?!?
They are revealing more of something UGLY of themselves & their attitude than they realize.
It must be a bleak world for them.
They will, like a mist, appear for a little & then disappear
Thanks Again,

Comment added on April 12, 2010
Luís said...

Looks like a good strap indeed.
And, never forget, always do what you think it's the right thing.
Don't listen to detractors.
Keep the excelent work. You deserve all the best.

Comment added on April 12, 2010
joey veee said...

looks like a cowboy strap, like Hop Along Cassidy or lone ranger played guitar with it. looks comfortable. i love the strat.

Comment added on April 12, 2010
Fred Harrison said...

I also like the wide straps, they distribute the weight better than those narrow "shoulder killers "
The black leather with conchos....a cool western theme that I like also!
Thanks for the info Robert, keep up the fine work !!

Comment added on April 12, 2010
Mark said...

Robert.don't worry about what anyone says.Envy can be a sad and bad thing which is what I think you ran into.You like somthng and want to flaunt it.That is Bad? I don't think so

Comment added on April 12, 2010
Jim said...

Robert Excellent presentation on a really good looking strap....What people might say do not let affect you.....if you did not smile you would not look positive about what your doing looks like a SRV type strap definitely sharp keep up the good work

Comment added on April 12, 2010
Gary said...

Dear Robert: I think all your videos are great.Anyone who will take the time show people the things you do needs a pat on the back. Regardless of what people say, stay positive and do what you like to do.

Comment added on April 12, 2010

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