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Hagstrom Viking Video

The Hagstrom Viking is a great semi-hollow body guitar. It covers all genres from blues/rock to jazz/fusion and back again. With an arched semi-hollow maple body, its looks are as sweet as its tone. Two Hagstrom humbuckers, combined with the resonant semi-hollow body, provide plenty of power. And no Hagstrom is complete without their famous, fast-playing neck. The Viking has the patented H-Expander truss rod which provides tension at either end and runs the entire length of the neck. The rigid yet lightweight alloy truss rod allows for very low action and a thin set maple neck.

Here I used a Marshall JVM410H through an Avatar 2x12 cab with Eminence Wizard speakers. Miced with an SM-57 into a GAP Pre-73 into an Apogee Duet. I also used a V-pick, which are great sounding guitar picks.


  • Arched semi-hollow maple body
  • North American hard maple set neck
  • Resinator fretboard
  • Hagstrom pearl dot position marks
  • H-Expander truss rod
  • Hagstrom 18:1 die-cast tuners
  • 24.75" scale
  • 2 Hagstrom HJ-50 humbuckers
  • 3-way toggle pickup selector
  • Long-travel Tune-o-matic-style
  • Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece
  • 2 volume and 2 tone controls

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Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hi, the chord sequence is

A, D/A , A, Cadd9, then on neck pickup, A D/A, and then a chord that's like A7 with no 3rd, and then there's a progression with E, D and A.

Comment added on July 08, 2010
Dale Streeter said...

That's a great lick on the Marshall amp at 3:35 and I've figured it out, but can you tell me the chord sequence you follow at 3:45 to about 4:00? I see the G, A, and D, but I don't get the ones after that, esp. with the hammer on.
Many thanks, I really like your videos.

Comment added on July 08, 2010
Robert said...

Thanks, good to hear the video sounds good. It's a very cool guitar!

Comment added on July 02, 2010
Steve Schrader said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for building this site and all videos you share.
Really nice guitar

Comment added on June 30, 2010
Will said...

That "Viking" looks and sounds beautiful - very warm sound. All styles of music ring through! Nice one.

Comment added on May 28, 2010
Craig Fish said...

Hi Robert, beautiful guitar. Enjoy it. I just bought a St. Blues Namm prototype. Best guitar I have ever played.

Comment added on May 27, 2010
Robert said...

Thanks, John! I am enjoying it!

Comment added on May 27, 2010
John Stanley said...

Really nice guitar Robert. The Hagstroms are quite beautiful. And sound great as well. I just bought me a Gretsch 6120RHH. It's a beauty as well. Enjoy your new Viking!!

Comment added on May 27, 2010

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