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blueSky Reverberator Video

The blueSky Reverberator is flexible and very useful reverb pedal. It is quiet, and it has a distinct quality in both sounds and physical design.

This pedal is made by the people at

I was using a Suhr Classic guitar and a Mack Heatseeker ( on this demo. I ran the Heatseeker through an Avatar 2x12 cabinet loaded with Eminence Wizard speakers. Microphones used was a Shure SM-57 dynamic microphone, and an MXL 990 condenser microphone.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Micheal A Wagnon said...

It sounds great. I have a Hardwire RV7 so I guess I will stick with it. But your pedal was great

Comment added on July 16, 2010
Gordon Helmer said...

Hey Robert,
First of all:very sweet guitarplaying !!!
I like the presentation and the reverberator
very much-a very useful soundtool with many
subtle soundenhancing options.Definately
underlines a players personal touch.
I like the shimmer mode and the modulation
modes best,because they sound very musical.
I love it when only the effect signal is modulated and the the original guitar sound
remains dry. A true chorus reverb :o)
Very well presented ,Robert.Thank You.
Cheers , Gordon

Comment added on July 15, 2010
mjk123 said...


Very nice pedal and great playing.

Comment added on July 15, 2010

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