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Squier Classic Vibe '50s + Fender Pro Junior Video

The Squier Classic Vibe '50s Tele sounds great through the Fender Pro Junior. I tried to show a lot of variety in tone, by simply adjusting the volume and tone knobs.

My setup was guitar -> cord -> amp, I didn't use any pedals. The Pro Junior has both knobs set at 12 o'clock. I added some reverb when I mixed down the recording. Simple rig - but versatile!

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Comments on this video clip:

Joe Johnson said...

The two videos are exactly the same.

Comment added on September 08, 2010
Dale Hickman said...

Yeah there oretty nice. I have been
looking at the Classic Vibe Custom telecaster. Alder body double binding, just have to find one to try

Comment added on September 01, 2010
Robert said...

Skip, it is such a simple amp - only 2 knobs. Definitely learn to use your guitar's volume knob, to control how much gain/fatness you want from your tone. The amp cleans up nicely. It is hard to play this amp quietly though. Volume should be at least 10 o'clock I find. I use Tone at 11 or so.

Comment added on September 01, 2010
skip said...

Robert, great video. Want to talk a little about the amp? I just bought one. Any tips?

Comment added on September 01, 2010
John Mayers said...

These 50's CV telecasters are fantastic value for the money. Better than the 70's American tele I had for 20 years. But not as good as the 50s reissue I also have - but that was way more expensive.

If you want a really good, versatile Tele for not a lot of money go for the CV. It feels great and sounds great. Compare it with a standard Mexican or standard US tele and it holds it's own if you're after a more traditional tele sound and feel.

Comment added on September 01, 2010
joe stan said...

Hi,i have one of theese tele for years. ive changed the pickups to seymor Duncan nashville studioes ive been using it 25 years with a fender twin reverbe amp and i wouldent change it for any other guitar as ive used most of the top guitars over the years, and this is my favouret axe,joe stan Southern Ireland.

Comment added on September 01, 2010
Joe S said...

I've tried one of those, and couldn't agree more. These have better than average sounding pickups. (Alnico 3's) Beef/weight in the body. Smooth sounding neck, the nut helps here. Try one into a 1-15" or 2-12". Can be as good as Tele's costing several time more.

Comment added on September 01, 2010

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