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V-Pick Dimension Video

The Dimension V-pick is one of my favourite picks. Yes, picks make a big difference in your tone. It's more than that though - it's a matter of feel as well. The V-picks are made out of a material that provides a soft, pleasing tone with my electric guitars. These picks are also easy to grip, and they never seem to slip out of my fingers. Something with the material makes them sit very well in your grip.

Have a look at the V-picks website to see all the different picks they offer. Vinnie is a great guy to buy from as well - great customer service and a friendly chap. Tell him I sent you.

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hi Jon, it's a cool pick, I am sure you will like it.


Comment added on October 07, 2010
Jon said...

Hey Robert.. watched your video on the dimension.. went right over to the V-pick site and ordered a couple of picks.. looking forward to trying them out.
Thanks for posting this...

Comment added on October 07, 2010
Rockulus said...

I just got a pack of V picks yesterday. They're unbelieveable. Like a stomp box in your hand. I've already ordered more.

Comment added on September 17, 2010
Robert said...

DetroitBlues, no I don't think so. The material of the V-picks is not the same as the cheap plastic ones. It has a different sound and feel.

Comment added on September 13, 2010
DetroitBlues said...

What would happen if you superglued a bunch cheap plastic picks and sanded the edges down? Do you think you'd have the same effect?

Comment added on September 13, 2010
Robert said...

Sure, Rick go ahead!
Red Bear picks, no I have not tried those.

Comment added on September 04, 2010
Bruce Johnson said...

I would be curious to know whether or not you ever tried a Red Bear Trading pick. They cost a lot and are always sold out.

Comment added on September 04, 2010
Rick PAIN said...

G-Day Robert, I really appreciate this pick review & All your content.
I am preparing a web site myself & would like to be able to mention you & your work & link to your web site if I may.
Warm Regards,

Comment added on September 04, 2010
TMichael said...

Thanks Robert, you cover it all. You are wonderful.
I started useing the v-picks a short while ago. I use the triangled 3mm(I think). What a big change in tone with electric guitars!!!!

Comment added on September 03, 2010

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