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Marshall Class 5 and Hagstrom Viking Video

This time, I cranked the amp all the way up. I used no effects pedals, just cable, guitar and amp.

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I just came to the knowledge of Robert days ago, and he is one of the best of the best guitar teachers on all the web. He breaks everything down so minutely, and goes slow enough for someone to follow what he is putting on display. A lot of guitar players like him would never share such talented licks as he does, so those of us who love the blues, owe people like Robert our gratitude that he is laboring to promote such wonderful guitar playing. Thanks Robert, hope to be learning a lot from you, you are as cool as they come.

Comment added on December 10, 2010
wagner miralha said...

Irado Robert!!! Vc bem podia me presentear com um deste!pois nunca vou ter grana pra ter uma jóia desta abçs!!! wagner miralha

Comment added on October 13, 2010
Hunter Baker said...

DAMN man that is some great tone you have on that Marshall Class 5. That is exactly the tone I think of when I hear the blues in my head. Even the chords sounded great for rock. Nice job.

Comment added on October 13, 2010
Craig Fish said...

Very good demo Robert. Thank you for posting it. Nice amp, I like the way it sounds wide open.

Comment added on October 13, 2010
Michael Healy said...

Great tones, I like how you are trying not to smile while you are obviously having a blast, I can't believe how many vids you have up here, it's gonna take a while to absorb it all, but I'm game.

Comment added on October 13, 2010

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