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Jet City JCA20H Demo Video

The Jet City JCA20H Half-Stack is a very cool little amp. I had heard a lot about these, and when a friend wanted to get rid of his, I mentioned perhaps we could do a trade - Marshall Class 5 for the Jet City 20. He said yes, so that's how I got a hold of this one. I liked my Marshall Class 5, but I like this one more. The Marshall is old school, and you have to play it quite loud to get some distortion going. The Jet City 20 has a great preamp distortion and a master volume, so you can get good crunch at low volume.

This amp is not for clean headroom. If you need clean tone for country or pop music - look elsewhere. This amp is all about a rockin' tone, but you can also get great bluesy breakup tone a la Jimi Hendrix, if you dial back the gain and use a single coil guitar.

The price point of these amps blows my mind. You get both this cool head AND the cabinet for $350!?Unreal. Seriously. This amp sounds big and fat, and it has a very powerful and useful EQ. It even has a presence knob, which is very handy to tame harsh highs. The cabinet is solid and has a good 12 inch speaker. The fact that the price is so low makes me think it will be hard for competitors to match this amp in terms of value for the money. This really is an incredible deal. This amp gets the Dolphinstreet Award from me.

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The Jet City Amplification JCA20H and JCA12S Half-Stack is amazing!

Jet City Amplification JCA20H and JCA12S Half-Stack

I also used a Hagstrom Swede Electric Guitar Gold Top on this demo. No effects were used, other than a bit of reverb was added when I exported the audio from Logic.

Hagstrom Swede Electric Guitar Gold Top

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