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Jet City 20 watt amp - clean tone Video

The Jet City 20 watt amp is not an amp with a lot of clean headroom, but with single coils and the gain knob turned down, you can get some nice cleanish tones. I really this sound, in fact. I am here using my Suhr Classic, and it always sounds great for tones like this.

The way I use my tube amps, is I set the amp to have a bit of distortion, but when I roll down my guitar's volume knob, I get a clean tone (semi clean). Then I use overdrive and/or distortion pedals to bring me the amount of gain needed for solos or riffs. This way of using tube amps have always worked best for me.

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The Jet City Amplification JCA20H and JCA12S Half-Stack is amazing!

Jet City Amplification JCA20H and JCA12S Half-Stack

I also used a Hagstrom Swede Electric Guitar Gold Top on this demo. No effects were used, other than a bit of reverb was added when I exported the audio from Logic.

Hagstrom Swede Electric Guitar Gold Top

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