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Skyraider 15 - 6V6 amp - killer tone Video

The Skyraider 15 from Mack amps is a great 15 watt tube head. This is hand-wired boutique amp with warm tone and an affordable price for an amp of this kind.

I used a Digitech Bad Monkey here and there, just so you can hear how the amp reacts to a regular overdrive pedal (not an expensive one either). This way, you can get nice and warm clean tone, and go into thicker overdrive at any time.

The Skyraider starts to produce a rich gain when you go past 2 o'clock. It also cleans up well if you roll off your guitar's volume knob, which is how I work my amps. I always set them to have a bit of overdrive, then I use pedals to create more overdriven and dirty tones to my liking.

In summary - this is a sweet amp that Mack has produces. It's different from the Heatseeker in that it uses 6V6 tubes, and I find it is a bit warmer sound than the Heatseeker as a result. It also looks awesome with that blue color!

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hi Larry, I have the Viking, yes. The Macks are quite clean sounding amps, and very dynamic. They don't to high gain stuff. The clean headroom is good, at least for me. It's clean with some hair on - not pristine Albert Lee clean.

Comment added on January 23, 2011
Larry said...

Hi Robert,

Not sure my last comment went thru, so trying again.

Nice demo- great sound. Do you still have your Viking, or did the Swede replace it?

What do you think of the Mack amps for clean head room? I love the sounds from your demo and Mack website, but I play in a traditional country/oldies band with another guitarist/fiddler, and fairly loud clean is important. I think the Macks would be perfect for blues or classic rock, but not sure about my band. I have been considering Fender HR, Super Sonic 22, Traynor YCV50blue. I'm sure the Mack is built better, but not sure it's the right choice for me. Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

Comment added on January 17, 2011

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