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Line HD500 J-45 Video

The J-45 is a killer Marshall tone from the Pod HD500. I love this sound. It's fat, rich and a perfect crunch sound to build upon, by adding more gain pedal modeling, should you want more gain. That way, it can go from old school rock tone to modern high sound, just with this one amp model.

The only effects used was the Classic Distortion stompbox model on the lead guitar, as well as some delay during mix. All the other rhythm guitar tracks are completely dry - no effects at all on them - just straight from the POD HD500 into Logic Pro.

This is one incredibly versatile unit, and I probably don't have to tell you how much fun I am having with it... If you are interested in a modeling solution, that you can use both for home recording, practicing, rehearsal and real gigs - this is the real deal. I highly recommend it.

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Comments on this video clip:

Tony said...

I really love the way you play and this song,My guitar playing skills have sky rocketed since I found you. you get my greative juices running and I am going to buy everthing I can from you to get better..Can you send me the tab/solo of this song? Please!!!

Comment added on November 11, 2012
bear79 said...

Love the tone. Any chance you could post your amp and classic distortion setting for us?

Comment added on January 05, 2011
GrantR said...

Hi Robert,
I enjoyed your playing on that demo of the HD500. Very nice. Great tone too by the way.
I'm a bit of a Pod fan, and have a PodXT which I really enjoy. The HD series does sound really nice though . . .

Comment added on December 30, 2010
Milton said...

Hey Robert,

That was a really good video. I just love your style of playing. Thanks for your videos throughout the year. Have a Merry Christmas.

Comment added on December 25, 2010
jayanth said...

Really really nice Line 6 POD HD500 and little bit composed really really really GooooooooooooooD.

Comment added on December 24, 2010

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