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Hell ZeroDot Demo Video

The ZeroDot guitar, by Hell Guitars is a very nice SSH (single coil/single coil/humbucker) guitar, with lots of bite as well as quacky Strat tones. Check out this demo that I worked so hard on!

I used a Line 6 POD HD500 for all the tones on this demo. The HD500 is just amazing, by the way. So easy to get good recorded tones without hassle.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Grrr said...

Well, After this video I fell in love in hell guitars, and 2 about 2 days ago I ordered ZeroDot from hell guitars)) Today they sended it to me via EMS =)) Hardly wait then it arrives to me)

Comment added on April 05, 2012
Stefan said...

Those guitars look cool, and great playing too.
But their website is not too active at the moment. When you Google Hell Zerodot there's mostly posts made by you. Are they not for sale yet?

Ha en bra dag!

Comment added on January 24, 2012
Robert said...

Hi Murray, the HD500 is very flexible. You can bypass the amp models and just use the pedal simulations in it through your Classic 50.

If that has a way for you to bypass the preamp and run the HD500 straight into the power amp section of the amp, then use amp models on the HD500, but turn off power amp simulation. That can create some serious tone!

Richard, who knows, lefty's may happen - who knows.

Will, glad you like the demos! I try to make them as best as I can!

Comment added on July 24, 2011
Murray said...

Great demo Robert. Curious to know how the HD500 might sound through a Peavey Classic 50. I find the original P.O.D. steals rather than adds tone to this amp despite the effects used either through the FX loop or the front end. I have reverted to a simple Line 6 delay pedal to recapture the amps purity. Any suggestions?

Comment added on July 16, 2011
Richard said...

Hey Robert, Great guitar & great playing as per usual, but I will bet you a Dollar they dont make lefty guitars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers Mate.

Comment added on May 18, 2011
Will Burgess said...

Great production Robert - you've raised the bar when it comes to demo videos. The guitar ain't half bad either...great effects; Mind you, your playing gets the whole deal across the line. Cheers!

Comment added on May 16, 2011

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