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Hell Bender Demo Video

The Bender is a dual humbucker guitar from Hell Guitars that covers a wide range of tones. Works great for both clean rhythm and mellow jazz, as well as classic rock and high gain Marshall punch-me-in-the-face kind of tone... check out my demo below to hear for yourself.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Rusty said...

Nice sounding guitar! Don't care for the overall design of it.

Comment added on June 08, 2011
Chris S. said...

Wow.... a great looking and sounding guitar. But alas, I'm afraid I couldn't make it sound as great as you

Comment added on June 07, 2011
Eduardo said...

Belíssima guitarra , maravilhoso som !!Super versátil!

Comment added on May 26, 2011

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