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Line 6 HD300 Review Video

The HD300 is a great little unit by Line 6. I find it very useful for running in the front of an amp, or straight into the computer.

Here is my review / demo of the HD300. I ran the unit in "amp" mode, straight in the clean channel on a Marshall JVM410H.

This demo shows how can you can use the main features, but there are many things I did not have time to cover, like deep editing and the how you can go between amp/line mode, turning off power amp simulation, etc.

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Comments on this video clip:

Craig Kent said...

Thanks for the cool and very complete demo. I have this unit running into a Line 6 DT-25 amp and I love the thousands of great realistic tones I can get. Still just scratching the surface of all it'll do. Should keep me busy for a while!

Comment added on February 28, 2013

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