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Suhr Badger 18 Demo Video

The Suhr Badger 18 is for me the ultimate amp for home usage. It sounds great at high volume, as well as at low volume. The power scaling feature on it works incredibly well. It lowers the volume while still letting the tubes work hard. The result is a killer tone even at "TV sound levels". Very useful in a home!

I also gig with this amp, because it's loud enough for what I do, and it has such a rich tone. Love.

A m a z o n

You can order one of these amps online - click below.

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Comments on this video clip:

Larry said...

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the neat demo. Can you compare the Suhr amp to your Mack Heatseeker and Sky Raider? I thought that the Badger sounded a bit thicker, meatier, smoother break up. How are relative clean volumes?


Comment added on September 29, 2012
Esteban said...

Hi Robert,
Suhr Badger sounds so nice, but did you consider the Jim Kelley limited edition?

Comment added on September 28, 2012

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