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DiMarzio Virtual T Tele pickups Video

In this clip, I am using my Reverend Hellhound and a MXR Micro Amp pedal. I am using a fairly clean sound, and I alternate between the bridge, middle and neck pickup switch positions throughout the clip. I hope you can hear the different nuances in tone from these wonderful noiseless DiMarzio pickups. I am very happy with them. The work great not only for country and blues, but also for heavy gain sounds.

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Comments on this video clip:

Bobby Atkinson said...

those tele pickup sound good, wish u do a video comparing stock tele's to these thanks for a awesome website

Comment added on March 26, 2009
Robert said...

Hi, I used just the Hellhound on that clip, I think. I used just the built-in mic on my Sony DCR-TRV 33.


Comment added on February 26, 2009
Aldo said...

are you also using your Avatar 2x12 in this clip? and btw, what camera/equipment do you use to record? just the built in mic on the camera?

Comment added on February 26, 2009
Ryan said...

What kind of tele is that? American or Mexi?

Comment added on August 17, 2008
Greg said...

The Virtual T is a hot bridge pickup. Do you mean, "Area T" pickups?

Comment added on May 15, 2008
Jeremy Weber said...

Hey, what a great sound. I have a mexi tele and the pick ups are just okay. I would really like to set mine up like yours, can you tell me exactly what each pickup is called?
Thanks so much.

Comment added on February 23, 2008
Graham said...

Very inspiring = thanks so much for putting this on the web free of charge. Loved your Johnny B Goode intro on Youtube.

Happy New Year from Scotland.

Comment added on January 12, 2008

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