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SX SST 62 Strat Video

Demonstrating the sound of the SX stratocaster I purchased from Rondo Music. Going through each pickup position one at a time. I am using a Vox AD50VT on the UK '70s amp model (with gain and volume cranked) and a bit of reverb. I have written a review of the SX SST 62 stratocaster.

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Yeah, the SX strats are great modding material! Congrats, David.

Comment added on March 19, 2010
brad said...

Terry, liked you demo I am trying to learn to play guitar.I have smaller hands and prefer a 3/4 scale(neck is so much more comfy for me and I can reach the 4th fret)My question is this is the SX 3/4 short scale sst57 strat neck the same as the Squier mini strat? If so I'll be getting one soon better made guitar and with a tremelo(if I ever need one) Thanks brad.

Comment added on March 19, 2010
DavidHizteria said...

I have a SX Strat with the maple neck '..felt good on weight and thickness, but not on sound , and those frets were literally cutting my left hand.. after some Dimarzio Virtual pickups, wilkinson vintage tremolo , Sperzel locking tuners and a fret dressing ..around $300 later on Ebay.. Its an amazing Strat!! for $ 400 it can go against any american Fender Strat.. great guitar if spend some money on it..

Comment added on March 19, 2008

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