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SX acoustic guitar DG 50CE Video

Here is a little demo of my SX acoustic guitar without using the built in pickup on the guitar. It sounds very good considering this is another low-cost Chinese-made guitar. I am very happy with it, I think it sounds awesome.

You can get an SX acoustic too at Rondo Music!

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

guitar lessons store said...

Very nice, never heard one of those before!

Comment added on November 07, 2009
Bill Dennis said...

Thanks for the demo. I bought one of these, and am thoroughly pleased with it. I did adjust the action by lowering the bridge saddle, but other than that, it's a great guitar for the money. Liked it so much I used it on my video on u tube. check it out if you have time. Type in Kentucky When It Rains. Thanks, Bill Dennis

Comment added on August 30, 2009
Md.sajid Hossan said...

I Like this

Comment added on June 29, 2009
tuen dewan said...

hi i am tuen from Bangladesh, i was purchased a SX (EG package) acoustics guitar during 8 months but i was satisfied with the guitar because 1st string was not make sound like lefts strings so i was very upset and i leave it. now i am trying to buy another one but i can not walk forward for this reason if i will get again the same problem. so at least i want your nice advise and which model will be perfect for stage perform. please inform me......thank you.

Comment added on January 23, 2009
Chris Freyer said...

Hi Robert. I'm looking at the left-handed version of the DG-50CE. Do you think it holds its own against midrange models (i.e. $300 range) from Ibanez, Dean, etc..? It has a solid spruce top where they don't.

Comment added on December 06, 2008
Ken said...

Thanks for the video Robert-I was just looking at this guitar and went and googled a review-should have known it would lead to you!

Comment added on September 24, 2008
Robert said...

Hi Terry, I don't really know. I haven't really paid attention to those things when I've played acoustic guitars.

Comment added on September 11, 2008
Terry said...

Do you think there is an audible difference between guitars with laminated rosewood back/sides (like this one) and those with laminated mahagony backs/sides? I ask because I prefer acoustics with a pronounced bass. I'm considering this one as well as another in the same price range with similar build, execpt the differece in wood used as the top layer of the back/sides laminate.

Comment added on September 11, 2008
Phillip Linford said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the demo. I am thinking of getting this guitar for a backup acoustic. Do you have any more thoughts about it after having it for a little while now?

Would you consider it good enough to play small acoustic gigs at resorts/cafe's etc? My regualr acoustic is awesome, but is getting pretty beat up. I would love to use a guitar that plays well that I don't worry as much about getting hurt a little! :-)



Comment added on May 09, 2008
Ed Rhoades said...

I've had the guitar for nearly a week now. It's settled in nicely. I took the action down and put on lighter strings. With less tension, the action improved, but the sound is still very bright.

I'm surprised at how nice it sounds. The pick ups alone are nearly worth the total cost of the instrument. Frankly, it sounds even better than the one shown in the demo.

Besides sounding good and playing well, it's a beautiful instrument. I don't know how many more Rondo has, but for that price, you're getting an incredible bargain.

Comment added on January 19, 2008

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