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Danelectro FAB distortion pedal Video

On this video, I use Danelectro FAB distortion pedal. Maybe the cheapest pedal on earth? Well, don't fret - it's sounds really good!
I am playing through my Reverend Hellhound + Avatar 2x12 cabinet, and I also use a Danelectro PB&J delay on this clip. The amp is set to US mode for half of this clip, while I use the more aggressive UK mode on the second half of the video. At the end, I go nuts with a Blues Driver (BD-2) and the FAB distortion together.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Mr.Clarke said...

my pedal didnt come with an outlet cord... so how can I get it to work...

Comment added on September 21, 2009
alex said...

i just baught this pedal and cant wait for it to arive great playing

Comment added on May 21, 2009
Wuchak said...

Great demo as always. This convinced me to get one of the Fab distortion pedals to use with my Reverend Goblin. I would love it at $100 so at $15 it's a serious bargain.

Comment added on July 09, 2008
ron said...

let me start by saying...i love your web so informative..keep up the great work..i've learned so much from your playing...i have a question for ya...i'm learning the thrill is gone (b.b.king)i'm not playing his lead licks...i'm playing the song in A minor..and i am struggling to find the penatonic scale to use at the 12th fret 2nd string(A)could you e-mail the scales i can use for that song and where they are higher up the neck...thanks a million in advance...ron from michigan

Comment added on January 05, 2008

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