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Arion SCH-1 chorus Video

The Arion SCH-1 can create a really nice leslie effect. On this clip, I start out playing just with a clean unaffected sound, using my Hellhound. The SCH-1 is then added so you can hear how it affects the sound. I love it, it is a blast to play with!

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Comments on this video clip:

anthony said...

Hi! robert! great DEMO,

I really love the way you play specially the bluesyness of your sound, I'm a big chorus pedal fan, i play in our church's worship team, and a great chorus pedal is a big help, i use to have all BOSS pedal board set up and rigged with a CH1, then i decided to switch to all DIGITECH set up after i tested the BAD MONKEY, would you recommend the
the DIGITECH Multi Chorus? hope you can help me decide on this before i dispose my CH1, thank you so much, and GOD Bless you and this site!!

Comment added on September 20, 2009
Robert said...

Patrick, I have not tried the SCH-Z so I cannot say. I have heard they are similar but not identical

Comment added on March 05, 2008
Patrick Romine said...

In your opinion, do you think there is any difference between and sch-1 and an sch-z?
Thanks in advance.

Comment added on March 05, 2008

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